You can’t even know how much this is it. Right here. I am such a geek for BOC. It’s one of those unexplainable things. Just go with it. (Needs more cowbell.)


it’s grand salami time

I’m just going to keep posting these because they’re amazing and you all need to know that.

my town

I’ve been in Seattle just under two years, and I run into people I know when I go out. Finally, I can say it. This is my town.



I think these are herbs. Either cilantro or italian parsley. I’m not quite certain. Whatever they are, they needed harvesting. So now I have mystery herbs. Anybody know? Obviously I’m not an herb person. I’m a little embarrassed I even have to ask. :)

my balcony garden is the best little garden

I love my little balcony garden. I live in Seattle, so gardening on a balcony is incredibly difficult. I’m from the midwest where the sun always shines and plants grow hardy if you give them a little water from time to time. I never had a problem growing anything there. But here in Seattle, everything dies. Too much rain. Not enough sun. Mold. Seriously. Mold. It’s even trickier on my balcony because it only gets about two or three hours of sun (if that) on the days we’re lucky enough to even get sun.

For the first year I lived here, I got so used to my plants growing a little bit pathetically and then dying, that I finally gave up on trying. A couple months ago, I took a bunch of seeds, I planted them willy nilly (I can think of no better way to describe how this happened) and left them alone, except to water them once every day or two. Miracle of miracles, they all grew. And I have no idea what they are! My roommate and I are amazed every single day as each of the plants develops a little personality as it grows. We’ve figured out what a few of them are. We definitely have tomatos and nasturtiums and a shade garden flower mix. There’s a pea, of some sort. We have herbs, though we don’t know which herbs they are. It’s been fun and exciting to watch these plants take over our balcony.

The balcony doesn’t look good. It’s an ugly balcony looking out over what we affectionately dubbed “the communist block” – the town houses next to our building, where the rich yuppies live, we get a view of their wretched postmodern despair. I’m a minimalist, but I have my limits. Fortunately, we also have lovely views of Phinney Ridge and Queen Anne. I’m not actually complaining here. The communist block adds a bit of character to the place. We also have a bird feeder, a wind chime and a resident hummingbird.

One of the problems I have is that if I put any of the plants on the floor of the balcony, they die. There is no sunshine happening down there. Another problem is that the balcony itself is naturally ugly. What architect/designer decided on black panels set in a green railing… I just don’t know. But it’s what I have to work with.

One of the assets here is that if you can get your plants to grow in Seattle, you’ve got a year-round garden. Flowers can and do bloom in winter, and if they aren’t the winter blooming sort, they can stay alive pretty easily otherwise. Where in the midwest, we had to bring some of our plants in during the winter, here, they just keep growing out there.

So. I need to put my designer hat on and figure out how to make the balcony an inviting little garden, a place that I’ll want to go hang out with a book and a glass of iced tea. I’m not certain how I’m going to pull this off.